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Getting married is for the brave. For the wild. The ones who are willing to know and be known, and say yes forever.

Getting married in amongst the skyscrapers of New York is just as epic as the mountains. Let’s show the world your first big adventure together: saying “I do”.


Moments matter.


legacy > likes

Your wedding photographs are so much more than what you upload to your Instagram or make your Facebook profile photo. Thoughtfully captured photos can create a sense of nostalgia. They can transport you in time, so that in 20 years, you will look at and be right back in the moment. That in 40 years, you will watch your grandchildren thumb through as you remember the smell of the flowers from your wedding bouquet. I love taking timeless, romantic photos, rich in color; and am most concerned with the photographs that will mean even more in 30 years than they do today.


Photography is the one thing that lasts past your wedding day. One day your kids will look at these photos and wonder what your life was like before them. When the cake has been eaten, the flowers have died, and your dress doesn’t fit anymore - your love, your photos, and the vivid memories in your mind will be all that remains. Your wedding photos increase in value over time, because it’s all you have left to remember the day that you started your lives together.


And skyscrapers are just as epic as mountains.


Hi, I’m Stephanie!

I’m 26 and have been photographing weddings for 5 years. I’m simultaneously recharged by the hustle of the city and the slowness of the outdoors. I’m a wife to an incredible man. I’m a full time missionary to the college campus. Josh Garrels is my favorite musician. I drink A LOT of coffee. And what brought you here more than all of those fun facts, is that I’m a photographer driven by the power of relationships.

I love weddings. I legitimately cry during every first look or first dance. I cheer louder than anyone during the first kiss. And I love shooting in new places that bring me fresh inspiration! A bohemian wedding in a field, a chic warehouse wedding, an intimate elopement in the mountains, or a traditional elegant affair - I’m into it all. Most importantly, though, I care about the relationship that you are celebrating. Relationships have been so important in my own life, and I am so honored to document them in the lives of others.

Planning a wedding? About to have a baby? Let’s get to talkin’.

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